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Eng. Ghosoon Ghassan Al Khaled  Deputy CEO 

Eng. Ghosson Al Khaled is a performance-driven and innovative leader who oversees production operations, production engineering, product research and development as well as sales and marketing at ACICO Industries. Leading the senior management team she is directly responsible for the sustainable stellar performance primarily required to improve the efficiency of our supply chain to make the company more competitive. She has over 15 years of experience having joined ACICO after graduating with honors; a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and construction management from Kuwait University, followed by a master’s degree in building science from the University of Southern California.

Hussam Salem Abo Loghod Finance Manager

Hussam is a member of the senior management team and is responsible for ACICO Industries finance and management reporting. He holds a BSc. In Accounting and is a CFA certification holder with over 20 years experience in the cement manufacturing industry.

Eng. Riyad Rajab Business Development Manager

Riyad is a key member of the management team with responsibilities that include the overseeing of day to day sales, marketing, training and customer service activities in addition to assessing at alternative technologies that will be synergistic to the current product range at ACICO Industries. He holds a BSc. In Engineering and multiple industry related certifications.

Eng. Rami Al Khamash Plant Manager

Rami is a member of the management team and is responsible for all aspects of production and maintenance at ACICO Industries, as well as meeting production, quality and sales targets and compliance with health, safety and environmental legislation.


ACICO extends its reach to serve more customers, and extends the product line in order to create new options. This enables the take on of practically any project in the region, and to deliver a volume and variety of products that most competitors simply cannot match.

ACICO is the largest manufacturer of Aerated Autoclaved Concrete across the Middle East, producing (amongst other related products) its signature tongue groove interlocking heatproof blocks – an improved option for quality at huge economic savings to meet client needs and solidify proven market leadership and competency.

Products and Services

Aerated Autoclaved Concrete (AAC) 

The modern, environmentally responsible alternative to stone blocks – AAC is an economical, sustainable, solid block that provides thermal and acoustic insulation as well as fire and termite resistance.

Preferred for their light weight and cost effective long term usage, they are an integral part of ACICO’s patented Building System. With the ability to produce sections of AAC in different dimensions for blocks, panels, lintels, slabs and reinforced structural components with different characteristics, ACICO leads this industry across the region with manufacturing presence in Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

ACICO takes pride in the highly automated manufacturing process which incorporates the technological innovations such as 'Horizontal Autoclaving'; capable of delivering unmatched consistency in its products quality no matter the dimensions of the block. Along with such unique features as the Tongue Groove profile, ACICO is quite simply, a generation ahead of others.

Characteristics of AAC Products 

Thermal Insulation

Heating and air-conditioning are major cost factors in the operating expenditures of any type of building. Because of its unique physical structure, AAC provides much greater thermal insulation than conventional masonry. A bare 25 cm thick AAC wall actually provides the same thermal insulation value like wall of cement blocks with a thickness of 270 cm.  

Fire Resistant 

AAC is non-combustible and emits no toxic fumes when exposed to fire. These properties make AAC the perfect building material to withstand the stringent requirements of building codes. It increases the safety of the building’s occupants and can potentially lower insurance rates. AAC can be used as cladding to protect other materials such as steel or to increase the fire rating of concrete walls. AAC is non-combustible with a fire rating of 6 hours on 200mm thick AAC unit.  

Speed Construction 

Panelized AAC products have the dramatic impact on the material’s rate of installation. Wall and floor panels are both easy to use and quickly installed, thus enabling a crew to install more than four times the area of AAC than that of a regular masonry application in the same period of time.

 Pest Resistance 

Termites cause millions in damage every year to all types of buildings because AAC is impenetrable by insects, it eliminates this risk, saving potentially tens of thousands of dollars in termite control and repair costs. AAC is impervious to attack by insects and termites.  


Although AAC is as strong and sustainable as conventional masonry, it is more easy work with as wood. All AAC products can be easily cut and crafted with common hand tools (power tools may be required to cut reinforcement). The ability to readily make straight cuts reduces time and waste in site alterations. AAC is also lightweight, AAC weights one fifth of standard concrete products and AAC is easy to handle, which reduces labor costs and construction time.  

Environmental Credentials 

AAC products are manufactured using all natural resources with no harmful emissions of toxic chemicals, AAC products are completely environmentally compatible. The AAC production process requires much less energy to complete than that of other materials and the product’s outstanding energy efficient qualities makes it an excellent source of ongoing environmental conservation. AAC qualifies as a “green” building material and in the manufacturing process generates less than 1.5% waste with over 1% of this being recycled and used in other manufacturing or industrial processes. 

Acoustic Insulation

 AAC has been shown to provide good sound insulation and makes it ideal for construction projects like apartments, hotels, and public buildings. Since its porous internal structure is comprised of 60-70% air, effectively reducing sound wave transmission. Typical STC rating is 50/52 for 500/600 density blocks or panels (db. 50-55) tested in accordance with ASTM E90 and classified in accordance with ASTM E413.  

Moisture/Water Resistant

 AAC has a water absorption coefficient of 4kg/m² x h0.5. Weather and moisture resistance is achieved with a final surface treatment such as stucco, plaster and paint, or cladding such as bricks and/or other exterior materials. AAC has excellent structural integrity which resists high winds and violent storm. AAC products are very durable and will not degrade under normal climatic conditions. They have outstanding durability characteristics over traditional materials relative to humidity, freeze/thaw cycles and chemical attack.

ACICO Building Blocks

Specifications Packaging
Width (cm) Length (cm) Height (cm) Capacity (m) No of Blocks Building (cm)
Blocks (Standard and Tongue Groove)
10 62.5 or 65 25 1.875 120 18.75
15 1.875 80 12.5
20 2 64 10
25 1.875 48 7.5
Separation Wall Blocks (Tongue Groove)
15 62.5 50 1.875 40 12.5
 Standard Blocks (Export to Iraq)
20 60 20 1.44 60 7.2

ACICO Lintels

Thickness (cm) Length (cm) Stretch (cm)
10 120 90
150 110
12.5 120 90
150 110
15 120 90
150 110
200 150
20 120 90
150 110
200 150
250 200
25 120 90
150 110
200 150
250 200

 ACICO Panels 

The company manufactures of ceiling panels in different sizes and densities, according to the specifications set by project engineers and as such are priced per cubic meter as per the parameters of supply, installation and project destination. 

Dry Ready Mix 

ACICO produces dry mix products that are factory made quality controlled mixtures of sand, binders and additives which are transported dry to the client or the construction site and applied there after adding water. These include masonry mortar, render, plaster, screed or adhesive.

ACICO manufactures these products using modern process technology allowing premix of the ingredients going into such products in large quantities and consistent quality.

ACICO ensures that its products are no more than a request away from its clients, with an extensive distribution network and ample logistics support across the region ACICO’s dry ready mix is the preferred and guaranteed solution for builders, whatever their requirements may be.

ACICO Mortar

Type Units (Kgs/Package)
Adhesive Mortar 30
Ceramics Adhesive Mortar 30
Ready Mix External Masonry Mortar 35
Ready Mix Internal Masonry Mortar 25
Ready Mix Calcareous Gypsum Mortar 35

ACICO Industries Blocks Factory
Al Shuaiba Industrial Area, Block 5, Str. 100, Avenue 64

Qatar Aerated Concrete Industries Co. W.L.L. (Blocks Factory)
Plot 39, Gabbro Area Mesaieed Industrial City, Zone 92, Str. 702

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Saudi ACICO Co. LTD. (Blocks Factory)
Jubail Industrial City, P.O. Box No: 724, Jubail (Zip)31951Eastern Province, Jubail

United Arab Emirates
ACICO Industries Co. -Dubai Br (Blocks Factory)
Jabel Ali Industrial area 2, Jabel Ali, Dubai, U.A.E.



    ACICO Industries Blocks Factory
    Al Shuaiba Industrial Area, Block 5, Str. 100, Avenue 64



    Qatar Aerated Concrete Industries Co. W.L.L. (Blocks Factory)
    Plot 39, Gabbro Area Mesaieed Industrial City, Zone 92, Str. 702

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


    Saudi ACICO Co. LTD. (Blocks Factory)
    Jubail Industrial City, P.O. Box No: 724, Jubail (Zip)31951Eastern Province, Jubail



    ACICO Industries Co. -Dubai Br (Blocks Factory)
    Jabel Ali Industrial area 2, Jabel Ali, Dubai, U.A.E.

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Nassima Royal Hotel, Dubai

Click Here

The Distinct Location for Destination Dubai 

Nassima Tower, Dubai is a multi-storey 5-star luxury hotel and condominium project located in Dubai right on Sheikh Zayed Road, steps from the City’s best cultural, sports and entertainment venues and connected through the Dubai Metro system to the surrounding downtown core.

Major attractions surrounding the hotel include Dubai Trade Center, Dubai International Exhibition & Convention Center, Dubai International Financial Center and Emirates Towers. A few minutes away are the world famous Burj Khalifah, Dubai Mall and the Dubai Gold Market.

ACICO Hospitality continues to asset manage the hotel.

Hotel Facilities & Amenities

  • 471 Guest Rooms & Suites each with separate bathrooms
  • Multiple reception and meeting lounges on several floors
  • 5 onsite multi-cuisine restaurants & café’s
  • Expansive outdoor pool
  • Health Club & Kids Club
  • Airport Shuttle Service
  • 8 varying size meeting rooms and event halls
  • Day Spa
  • Centralized air conditioning with digital climate control.
  • Wireless high speed internet access & Phone Services.
  • 24 Hour Valet Parking Services
  • Multi-storey on premise parking facility

Radisson Blu Resort, Fujairah

Click Here

This resort is the leading luxury hotel in the Emirate of Fujairah and is one of only a handful of destinations to be continually recognized by travel magazines as having the #1 hotel spa in the region, in addition to being one of the most sought after family destinations.

Located just 90 minutes from Dubai, this property lies between the Hajjar Mountains and a mile of glistening private beach. The project covers an area of 29,605m2, including a breath-taking quarter kilometer of sandy beaches, with all rooms having an uninterrupted panoramic view of the Arabian Sea.

Inspired by historic local architecture of the region the resort features grand, extra-wide elevations and extensive landscaped areas. By introducing a unique, luxury hospitality project to the local market, ACICO expedited absorption and project profitability.

Hotel Facilities & Amenities

  • 257 Guest rooms & Suites - All rooms have ocean view.
  • Multiple reception and meeting lounges on several floors
  • 4 onsite multi-cuisine restaurants & café’s
  • Expansive outdoor pool
  • Luxury Spa, Health Club & Kids Club
  • Airport Shuttle Service
  • 3 meeting rooms and event halls
  • Centralized air conditioning with digital climate control.
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