Quality Control

ACICO Industries has mastered the manufacturing of aerated concrete in Kuwait through it specialized factories.

As a product that meets safety and environment standards of today, demand on AAC products has driven ACICO to establish 3 additional plants in KSA, Qatar, and UAE with it partners. ACICO Cement is one of the only two producers of cement in Kuwait which enables the quality control of products and routine testing. ACICO factories have been set up with fully automated modern industrial technology, producing according to international standards such as ASTM and DIN. ACICO's laboratories apply a thorough internal quality assurance and quality control program. QA/QC operates as an independent department which reviews and audits review reports as part of our transparency policy towards our clients and society. 

Some of our Quality Assurance & Quality Control procedures are
  • Documentation of all testing, technical, instrument operating procedures.
  • QC samples are part of every analytical batch.
  • Laboratory technicians are highly qualified and receive additional training upon recruitment.
  • Routine maintenance and calibration after a number of samples.
In order to all ACICO Construction's strict quality management system (QMS) in order to properly controls all the following processes
  • Calibration
  • Contract Administration
  • Engineering Works
  • Inspection & Testing
  • Planning
  • Procurements
  • Stores
  • Tendering & Pre- Awarding
  • Variation Orders
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